Best Stock Blogs

Best Stock Blogs

After searching high and low for years trying to find the best source of stock market information, I have always been disappointed. Truth be told, my returns never improved and consuming an endless supply of financial information only frustrated me. Only one stood out:

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Thursday's Stock Market Chart Of The Day

Chart Patterns

There are many thousands of stock traders buying and selling stocks for a slew of reasons: hope of gain, fear of loss, tax consequences, short-covering, hedging, stop-loss triggers, price target triggers, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, broker recommendations and countless more. Chart patterns narrow down the forces of supply and demand into a picture you can read.

Stock Market Trendlines

Just as Chart Patterns give you a clear picture of supply and demand in the market, trendlines will help identify a trend. The trend could be up or down, but one thing is certain. Don't try to fight an established trend.

Earnings Per Share

Earnings per share is considered to be the most important aspect in calculating a stock price. EPS is also used to calculate the price to earnings valuation ratio.

Revenue Growth

Market participants also consider Revenue Growth to be a major variable in determining the value of a stock. A company must show explosive revenue growth to get investors interested in bidding up the share price. This is why you see such a focus in the quarterly earnings reports by companies on revenue growth.